I am a self-taught digital photographer, daughter of a professional film-shooting portrait and wedding photographer. I use minimal equipment, shoot in manual and only use natural lighting. 
// nikon d90 - 20mm - 18-105mm //

I'm an artist and a story-teller. This work is my passion, I pour myself into it. I don't shoot because I'm asked to, I shoot because I can't help it. While getting to do work I love and leaving you with a piece of your story visually voiced for the ages is priceless, there is a price tag on the valuable time spent on both.
// base package prices - hourly rate - special request quotes //

Freelance simply means independent and, I like to think, free-spirited. Location means ready and willing to travel. Lifestyle means un-stylized spaces, un-posed you, and your world is all the studio that we need. We want to tell it like it is because "it" is beautiful -- dirty dishes, messy hair, long shadows and all.
// a typical morning with your family at home - the process of remodeling - little details of setting and community at your celebration - behind the scenes of your band on the road //

To keep creating is to continually step out of your comfort zone and experiment without thought for failure or success. There is no cookie-cutter way of telling your story visually because every life curves a little different, every voice sounds distinct. Neither you nor I can know what images we'll end up with. We begin with the story you want to tell but then you have to trust me to tell it in the unconventional way that I do. 
// if you've hired me it's because you love my eye, know you will be able to relax and not even think about what is being captured, and you trust my heart enough to be vulnerable and raw and honest before me, fearlessly. //

We will meet a couple of times before the shoot so that when the time comes my presence is already familiar and comfortable. This way I can fade into the background, go unnoticed and have the freedom of a fly on the wall.
// excuses to make new friends around the wonderful common ground of a pot of coffee or picnic table -- its all part of my brilliant plan! //

Any other questions? Don't be shy. 
// I'm not intimidating -- I don't wear make-up, I don't sweep my floors anywhere near enough, I drive a well-worn car and, left to my own devices, I cook very plain eggs. //

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